Building your brand as a producer and DJ

It's incredibly important to put your name out there, however it might be challenging to make a start. This article will address the main things you should look out for when promoting your brand! We will be looking at the following points

Having an unique style

Social media

Overall professionalism

Demo submission



It should be easy to recognize you. It's hard to think of something unique in this world of DJ's and producers who all have something unique that represents themselves. You should think about Timmy Trumpet and his trumpet, Daft Punk and their masks or Salvatore Ganacci and his weird act at Tomorrowland.

The first step is getting a logo for your brand (which should usually cost around 25$ to create). Secondly make sure to add something to your logo that is unique for your kind of music. Here are some ideas to get you started

Certain clothing style containing your logo (hoodies, hats, boots)

Certain special actions at a gig (throwing cake, left to the right; however think of something no one did before)

Certain hairstyle

This way people will recognize your music and live performances with something they can identify with. This is key for getting to the next level!


Now you have your new and unique style, it's time to put yourself out there! Open up Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, SoundCloud, Spotify and Gmail and make sure to create an artist account on all of these. Create a profile picture and make sure to post photos on Instagram in particular very regularly! This way you are able to create a fanbase that actively follows your progress as an artist and will support your music and performances!

The more active accounts you maintain, the higher you'll appear in search engines! Next to this you will look dedicated and professional to potential customers (club owners, managers etc.) or A&R's from labels!


No matter whom you talk with, always make sure to stay professional. This includes talking to fellow producers, and specially to labels when sending demos. People remember you the way you present yourself: if you act professional? you'll be interpreted as so!

No typos

Correct english

Stay polite & humble


These are things you should think about

Only send finished music (no previews or IDs!)

Write a professional email

Get to the point; no background stories!

Include a downloadable HQ version of your demo in both .WAV and .MP3, however the A&R should be able to download your song from a website, not from the email!

Include all of your social media URLs

Keep sending demos to the labels you like and do not get unmotivated if you don't receive an answer at first: if they like what they hear they'll come back to you, and if you keep trying this will eventually happen!


The first thing you should realise is to be prepared to invest money into your career. Most of the time this is the best way to grow your audience and gain an active fanbase. When you are purchasing promotion you should consider boosting the following platforms:

SoundCloud by getting networks to trade reposts for your song so it gains comments, likes and streams through organic promotion. This way your music gets picked up by listeners and the algorithm of SoundCloud which will result in more plays!

Spotify by getting playlist curators to add your music to their playlists, which will result in listeners adding your music to theirs. This way your music gets streamed and picked up by the Spotify algorithm, which could result in getting added to editorial playlists or algorithmic based playlists from Spotify!

YouTube is a perfect place to build an active fanbase.

Instagram boost every picture you post with roughly 5-15$ depending on the size of your account. This way you can gain new followers and an active fanbase! People will start to follow you if they like your content and start to engage organically with your work!

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