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Charity is not an unknown term to the EDM scene. To unite people from all over the world being the goal of this music industry, charity couldn’t be absent. Throughout the years of its existence, a large number of charity events have been organized, several organizations have risen and plenty of non-profit record labels have been established, all sharing the same goal; to help people in great need. Below we count down 5 bright examples when the scene showed its humanitarian face and helped millions of people.

Hardwell’s world’s biggest guestlist festival, Mumbai 2017

Hardwell is known to be very engaged into charity and selflessness with his United We Are Foundation proving that. On December 3 2017, partnering with non-profit institutions Guestlist4Good and Magic Bus, Hardwell managed to raise enough funds to aid over 100,000 children struggling with poor-to-no education by organizing a massive live show. Dutch powerhouse duo W&W along with Revealed Recordings protégés Kill The Buzz and Suyano also sided with Hardwell, to write history in front of 75,000 people. As a matter of fact, 2017’s event was the second edition of his charity event, with the first being back in 2015 and receiving equal success. 


Avicii undoubtedly was one of the most influential people to have ever stepped foot in the EDM scene and also had a great impact on forming it in the way we know it today. However Avicii also managed to have impact on people’s lives as well, with his long and memorable charitable work. Throughout his whole career, he never stopped donating whooping amounts of money to fight inequality, injustice and hunger. By donating $1million to feed homeless people in the US in 2011, teaming up with RED to help children born with HIV in 2014 and also establishing his very own charity tour “House for Hunger”, Avicii proved that helping people in need was a big part of his life. It’s no wonder that his family wanted to continue his charitable legacy, by launching a mental health foundation in his honour, the Tim Bergling Foundation.

Blume Recordings 

This name might not ring a bell, however Blume Recordings (3LAU’s own imprint) is a label that donates the entirety of its earnings to various charitable organizations such as “FUCK CANCER”, “Pencils of Promise” and many more.  When it was first announced back in 2016, Blume Recordings was the first of its kind and became a bright example that many others would follow in the future.


“UNITED” is a yearly music album based on the Sustainable Development Goals Foundation that donates all of its proceeds to various charitable organizations. The album is essentially a compilation of songs from various artists (some of which being well established acts in the scene like Faderx, RMCM and Blackcode), including a plethora of different styles and genres. It is yet another great example of the EDM scene can unite people from all around the globe in front of a common, noble cause. 

EDM Cares

EDM Cares is a US based non-profit organization whose activities include collecting food and clothing for homeless shelters, hosting events to raise funds for injured army veterans, arranging annual blood donations along with many others. Their goal is to make the EDM community more involved in charity and volunteering, while raising awareness of the problems and struggles of army vets after their service is complete. If you are a regular at EDM festivals in the US, chances are you will come across them since they are partnered with most of them.

Obviously there are countless examples of Foundations, Record labels and festivals that are linked to charitable work and we could be able to mention all of them. However it’s really heartwarming to see that the EDM scene is not just a cold, faceless industry. Instead there are people within it that actually care to help other humans in need and we can only hope that in the future all the more charity related events will take place.


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