Download Gates & Fanlinks

When you give away your work for free, make sure to use download gates! This way you will still be rewarded for your hard work. We will explain how they work, and provide you with a head start!

The basics

Which gate to use

Fan Links

How they work

A download gate will provide a downloadable file to someone who completes a set of steps. These steps may include following your profile on certain social media (such as Spotify, SoundCloud, Facebook or Instagram). This way you will gain a fanbase, and the downloader receives your free work!

This is incredibly handy for upcoming producers and DJ's as this enables them to gain a fanbase by putting effort in creating freebies. Without the download gate it might be unrewarding, as people might download your freebie, however they will not follow you out of themselves. With the download gate this is prevented!

Which gates to use

 These are some of the best download gates out there in our opinion:



Thehusk (pays out 0,10$ per download)

Fan links

Also make sure to use fanlinks to direct a listener to multiple platforms from which they can stream or download your music. The best fanlink to use would be toneden in our opinion! It looks clean and is easy to use.

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