How To Make Money As A Producer In The EDM-Scene

Whilst most producers are producing music with the ambition to become recognized for their work by millions of people and play the biggest shows, other producers are rather lowkey and try to make a living out of their passion by other sources of income. In this post, we will be discussing how you can make an income as a producer.

Ghost Producing

You probably saw this one coming. Ghost producing. It has been a sensitive subject in recent years as it has become more apparent that quite a vast amount of top tier DJ’s hire other producers to produce their music for them.

Despite this so-called taboo, ghost producing comes with great opportunities for producers that love to make music and want to make an income, but do not have desires to be famous or known for their music.

As a ghost producer, you can produce an entire track and then sell it. You can either sell it directly to a personal contact who is in need of a ghost production, or sell it on sites that offer ghost productions such as There are numerous websites online, just look around!

Mastering Services

If you have been producing for a while, you definitely came across the subject of mastering. Mastering plays a big part in the final production of your track and if you are good at it, you can start offering others mastering services.

Usually other producers that want their track to be mastered by you will send the mixed stems of their track to you, so you can master their track in your preferred DAW.

The more tracks you have mastered, and the better you’re at it, the more money you can ask for your mastering services.

Mixing Services

As with mastering, if you have become really good at mixing your own tracks, you can start offering mixing services. The price you can ask for your services depends on your skills and experiences.

Mixing an EDM track is very different from mixing an acoustic track for example. Therefore, if you master both skills, you can charge your clients more because you have experience in properly mixing multiple genres.

If you have trouble finding clients, you can reach out to other producers through platforms such as Facebook and Soundcloud, or you can join a company that offers mixing services and work for them. This also applies for mastering services.

Creating Sample Packs

Another great potential source of income for producers is to compile sample packs and sell them on a platform. The perfect and perhaps most known platform for this is Splice.

Splice allows its premium users to upload sample packs to their site and app. When your sample gets downloaded on their site, you will be receiving a contribution.

Keep in mind though that your sample pack has to be approved by the curators of Splice. If Splice isn’t your desired platform for selling sample packs, Sellfy is a great easy to use alternative.

In Conclusion

There are a lot of great ways a producer who doesn’t want to be on the forefront can make a decent income with their skills. You can execute your favourite way or even combine them.

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