Repost Trading On SoundCloud

When you order promotion or if you want to start a new record label or network, you might come across the term "repost trading". We will cover everything you should know about this, and give you some useful tips!

Repost-trading & it's benefits

Which platform to use

Useful tips



This process basically describes the exchange of reposts. Person A with 100 followers trades reposts with person B who has 300 followers. This means person A should repost 3 songs of person B to match his follower base and receive a repost from person B.

You are able to reach a lot of potential listeners this way, and build your brand. This is why you should spend time in growing your accounts so you can do bigger repost trades, which will speed up the promotion process!


We recommend using either one of the platforms:


SC Planner


When you are scheduling reposts with your accounts, keep in mind to not keep a tight & consistent schedule. This means not reposting too many songs per account per day (we recommend 3), and performing these reposts at the same time every day!


It's essential to find people to trade reposts with. That is why you should look for networks on SoundCloud and try to engage with them and get their personal facebook. This way you are able to contact the owners when needed, and perform efficient trades!

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