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Top 5 Plugins You Must Have As a Hardstyle Producer

1. Oxford Inflator Native

Without audibly degrading audio quality or shrinking dynamic range, you can make your mix or individual tracks appear louder.

We particularly enjoy using Inflator to obtain very loud Hardstyle kicks while preserving its musical essence and not being over compressed/distorted, providing virtual headroom above digital maximum

 Plugin Website

2. OPS FL Studio’s Patcher “Kick FX”

This patcher allows us to instantly create a wide range of variations of our Kicks and Kick FXs with just the click of a button.

The options with this one are truly endless, making it a very valuable tool for any music producer.

One last thing… did we mention it’s Free To Download?

 Free Download

3. iZotope Vinyl

The following is a really straightforward gem that, in our opinion, is being greatly overlooked. Mechanical noise, dust, scratches and warp of Vinyl Records are imitated by Vinyl.

We probably don’t even need to mention the level of huge creativity you can get with this plugin, which, as far as we know, is also being used by Headhunterz in his Reverb bus. Oh did we mention it’s Free To Download?

 Free Download

4. Pecheneg Tremolo

This plugin provides a wide range of options for creating unique tremolo effects. One of the key features of Pecheneg Tremolo is its ability to control the rate and depth of the tremolo effect.

The rate control allows us users to adjust the speed of the tremolo, from a slow and subtle pulse to a fast and choppy effect.

We specifically like to use it *life hack incoming* to add drive to screeches, without having to over distort them nor degrading its essence. Next to that, it's free!

 Free Download

5. Endless Smile

We believe Endless Smile has a lot of potential when used in your Leads or Screeches to make them sound much wider and powerful in your mix.

Even though Endless Smile is primarily designed to turn any input signal into a rising build-up through the “Intensity” knob, you might just want to give it a shot the next time you think your Leads or Screeches are lacking something.

 Plugin Website
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