Uptempo & Hardcore Essentials Vol. 1
Uptempo & Hardcore Essentials Vol. 1

Uptempo & Hardcore Essentials Vol. 1

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This is not just a sample pack. In this monster of a pack, you will find everything you need to progress as a producer. We 100% guarantee you won't look back when you have this pack.

Contains: 4491 Files / 5,16GB

  • Modern & Oldschool Hardcore & Uptempo
  • 180+ BPM (highly suitable at 150 BPM as well)
  • First-ever & biggest-ever Harder-Style sample pack for Hardcore/Uptempo
  • Suits all DAWs

Kicks To Change The Game

  • 400+ Professional Kicks 
  • Build your own kicks with 500+ separated kick files
  • Instant Kick presets for FL Studio & Ableton mixer
  • Professional Modern Hardcore Kick Maker FLP

Vocals To Sign On Any Label

  • 15 Professional Lead Hooks (2 vocalists)
  • 40+ Professional Rap Hooks & Predrop Vocals
  • 40+ Professional Scream Predrop Vocals
  • 300+ Modern Uptempo AI Vocals (male & female)

Thousands Of Files To Kickstart Anything

  • Instant Kick FX FL Patcher Plugin (Early Access)
  • Drum Folder (700+ Files)
  • FX Folder (300+ Files)
  • Presets (65 Total)
  • Songstarters & Melodic Elements (1100+ Files)
  • Predrop Fills & Misc Sounds (100+ Files)

Not Just A Sample Pack. So big, that it can transform your productions.

Carefully crafted to leave a huge impact. We went next-level both on the quality and quantity side. Easily fits in any Harder-Style setting (Rawstyle, Hardstyle, Frenchcore).

Watch the trailer.

400+ industry-ready kicks
Endless Kicks. Modern & Old.

We know what you guys want. So we included Classic Oldschool Kicks (Thunderdome etc.) as well as Modern Kicks (Dimitri K, The Dark Horror, Deadly Guns, Rebelion) & so much more.

With this pack, you will 100% guaranteed sound like your favorite artist, and learn how they do it.

hooks / rap / scream / aI
Ready For Release Vocals.

All vocals have been thorouhly processed, making them unrivaled by any other sample pack. These vocals work in any scenario & are release ready from the get-go.

We know that you are always looking for vocals that are actually usable. This pack provides hundreds of unique Rap-, Scream-, Lead Hook & AI Vocals.

presets & kick part folder
Build Your Own Kicks.

We have provided multiple ways to build your own kicks. The first way is to use the Kick Build Folder, containing kick parts (punches, crunches, attacks, etc) which you can combine into new kicks.

The second way is to drag and drop the Mixer presets for FL Studio & Ableton and instantly create Uptempo/Hardcore kicks. Tweak the EQs for completely new variations.

The final way is to use the FLP that will instantly create professional & modern Hardcore kicks.

early access
FL Patcher Kick FX Plugin

Put the Patcher Preset on your kicks, and you'll instantly generate unseen Kick FX with endless effects and capabilities.

Multiple stages, including rhythmic effects with Gross Beat, studio-grade processing, different distortion modes, and abstract FX settings.

We are giving Early Access to anyone who gets the pack now. (Note that in 2-4 weeks, this plugin will be released for free).

More Than You Need. Everything You've Always Wanted.

FX Folder

Hundreds of must-have FX files, ready to drag & drop into your song and instantly create interesting sounds.

Industry-Standard Presets

Uptempo & Hardcore leads, screeches, pads, kicks & more for Vital & Serum. Modern sounddesign like your favorite artists.

Drums Folder

Hundreds of drum one-shots (percussion, kicks, cymbals, claps, snares), as well as drum loops (breakbeat, orchestral, percussion, metal drums).

Ableton Mixer Racks

Ableton users! This time around, we didn't forget about you. We added mixer racks for instant Uptempo & Oldschool kicks. 100% Must-have.

FL Studio Mixer State Files

Instant kick presets for Hardcore & Uptempo, with the click of 1 finger. Learn the fundamentals about kick creation.

Hundreds Of MIDI

Screech, synth, chords, melodies & so much more MIDI files to instantly get inspired by. Writersblock doesn't exist.

Cinematic Intros

10 Cinematic Intros ready to be used in professional movie trailers and Harder-Style anthems. Everything seperated into MIDI & Stems.

Futuristic Metal Intros

The future of Metal & Rock, applied in a Hardcore setting. Unseen songstarters that will inspire you massively.

Metal Guitars

40+ Carefully recorded & powerful Metal Guitar Loops. All loops transcribed to MIDI for instant melody matching.

Melodies & Songstarters

Trap Loops, Chord Progressions, Vocal Stutters, Atmospheres, Ambience and so much more to instantly get inspiration for ANY song.

Screech & Synth Loops

Classic & Oldschool Loops like Rave synths & modern Dimitri K style screech loops. MIDI & Dry versions included.

Predrop Fills

Glitches & next-level creative predrop fills, to instantly add power to the part before your drop. Essential for any song.

Misc Sounds

We know you it's fun to have weird and random sounds to go to for inspiration. We loaded a folder stacked with these exact abstract sounds.

Hardcore Kick Template

Instantly create extremely powerful & modern Hardcore kicks that will guaranteed improve your productions.

Metal Drums

Caerfully crafted Metal drums, to instantly sound like Live recordings. Add a rock & metal flavor to your songs.

And so. much. more.

There's even more content than we've listed here. What would you expect with 4500+ files? Get access to groundbreaking content.

These Artists Support Our Work

"Especially for hardstyle there are not that many great packs out there, so it's great to see that these guys raise the level with these packs loaded with lot's of instant inspiration. Keep up the good work."

Bass Modulators

Art of Creation

"I was actually suprised by the quality of the packs by this (for me) new company. The packs are really nice to play around with but also good to use straight away!"

Devin Wild


"Recently discovered these guys, and I'm impressed by the quality and amount of all these packs. Perfect for new inspiration and writing tracks. Great work guys!"


Art of Creation

"Great sample pack with high quality samples! Used some of them in my last release."

Sub Sonik

Dirty Workz

"These packs definitely inspired me a lot! Full supported and great quality to work with. Keep it up!"


End Of Line Recordings

"A wide variation of high quality sounds in samples and also presets. On Point Samples will definitely upgrade the creativity and productivity of many producers!"


My Way

"Back when I started out there wasn’t any packs for hardstyle, and I thought there still wasn’t any. I was surprised by On Point as these are some high quality sounds perfectly suited for producers at any level."


Dirty Workz

"Since we're exploring different boundaries of musical styles, we are big fans of good-quality sample packs. With the 'On Point Samples,' we finally found the hardstyle packs we're looking for! Keep it up!"


Maxximize Records

"100% top notch samples and presets for aspiring and established hardstyle producers. Great as a foundation to create your own signature sounds! Definitely recommend it!"

Dr Phunk

Dirty Workz

Customer Reviews

Based on 131 reviews
Saleham (Budapest, HU)

Amazing and huge pack in high quality.

Erik (Gouda, NL)
The full package

Very nice and full pack. Unlimited options to bring my productions to the next level!

Dominique Boot (Alphen aan den Rijn, NL)
Fkin hell

Just epic!

Anonymous (Adelaide, AU)
A Great All Round Hardcore Pack

An awesome amount of Hardcore sounds, the stuff in this pack will transform your tracks. The huge amount of kicks and kick crunches is a real highlight, especially with the different notes, A, F, etc. The Fx transitions and other effects heard in Hardcore music in this pack are also great.

Lucas Schmidt (Leipzig, DE)

E,y cool

GalA (Rehovot, IL)

the bets it can get, period! Sound quality is top notch and then you get so much content, you can go through it for days and still there is more! from kicks (tons of them and almost every style and the kick builder also) to melodies and vocal and presets it just goes on and on and on. Amazing.

Anonymous (Paris, FR)

This pack is amazing !!

Mitch Quaedvlieg (Helmond, NL)
This is awesome

All of the packs are really high quality and help me with creativity tremendously

Kik (Capelle aan den IJssel, NL)

This pack is amazing! it has so much (high quality) kicks and other sounds. You will get inspired directly! Perfect for starting harderstyles producers like me but also for pros!

L (Drachten, NL)
Really good

For the price of the pack you get really good stuff! really worth it!