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Harder-Style Vocal Suite

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  • 12 Standalone Packs Included
  • €230 Discount (11.000 Files)
  • Instant Download & Access Anytime
  • Full License: 100% Royalty Free

The Best Harder-Style Vocal Pack Ever Created.

Unleash your creativity with 11.000+ Vocal Files, Songstarters, MIDI, Melodies, Presets & more. Suitable for all Harder-Style sub-genres, coming with 25+ Unique Vocalists & 20+ Vocal Styles. A must-have collection if you want to take your Harder-Style production to the next-level.

Every pack included is well worth the money on its own, but we like to provide insane amounts of value at a REAL discount! 😉

What files make this pack a must-have?

  • 11.000+ Total Files / 22,4 GB
  • 25+ Vocalists & 20+ Vocal Styles
  • 12 Standalone Packs Included (100% new)
  • Thousands of Vocals (Dry, Mixed & Wet)
  • Thousands of Melodic Files & Atmos (+ MIDI)
  • 250+ Serum Presets
  • Genres: Hardstyle, Rawstyle, Hardcore, Uptempo, XTRA-Raw, etc.
  • Styles: Female Lead, Hooks, UK Rap, American Rap, Predrop, AI, Jamaican, Low Scream, High Scream, Story MC, Normal MC, Cinematic, African, Angelic, Spoken Word, Rave.

12 Brand-New Standalone Vocal Packs (w/ Limited Bonuses)

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Artist Support on This Bundle


"Inspiring, incredible stuff!"



It’s the most complete vocal pack we’ve ever seen, inside you have multiples kinda of vocal to fit most of the Hard dance genres and allow you to make a real hit. If you’re a producer this is the greatest investment you can make for your productions"




"Really hyped about this amazing pack 100% pure quality samples. This are some next level packs!"


"Great pack once again. Full support! 💪"

11329936 - On Point Samples

Art Of Creation

"As an artist, finding the right vocal for your music can honestly be pretty tough especially if you don't have a big budget. While the OPS Vocal Pack is totally affordable, you also get a variety of vocals! Drag those in your project and start to create."

IMG_0359-e1635431109372 - On Point Samples

"This pack offers a huge variety of high quality vocals, suited for every producer in the harder styles! I would definitely recommend this to anyone seeking vocals for their tracks, all the seperate elements give a huge inspirational boost if needed!"


"If you're looking for a pack that pushes diversity to the limit, look no further! The range of high-quality sounds provides some great jumping-off points to kickstart the creation of your own banging Hardstyle tracks. The attention to detail and variety of samples make it a nice tool for any Hardstyle producer, ready to get inspired."


"This is the most complete vocal pack I ever tested 🙏🏻"

Exproz - On Point Samples

"As usual On Point Samples delivers again by releasing a huge amazing vocal pack with a wide variety of high quality vocals for your productions.
Trust me when i say you’re gonna need these amazing vocals to spice up your productions!"

Dr Phunk
hundreds of unique vocals
4 packs for adding power into your production

Different scenario's call for different vocals each time. That's why we included every style of vocal you'll need to add power to your Harder-Style Production:

  • Pack 1: MC Vocals to add energy (900 files)
  • Pack 2: Predrop Vocals to finish buildups (1000+ files)
  • Pack 3: Rap Vocals to spice up your breaks (750+ files)
  • Pack 4: Scream vocals to add extreme power to any song (1700+ files)

👉 With these packs in your library, you'll never have to look for vocals again that are actually usable. These packs are inspired by the the modern trends of Harder-Style music.

hundreds of unique vocals
2 packs for unlimited melodic vocal potential

Every song needs a memorable hook and a powerful melodic motif. These packs have been recorded by the best vocalists in the scene, stacked with actually usable vocals.

  • Pack 1: Lead Vocals (3 vocalists, 6 unique styles & tons of variations)
  • Pack 2: Ethereal Vocals (for adding angelic & beautiful harmonies)

👉 We went through hundreds of revisions to make sure each vocal sounds perfect. We know how much most vocal packs suck, so we made sure to fix that.

hundreds of unique vocals
2 Packs for building stories into your production

Having a story and theme to build your song around makes all the difference. This section of the suite is dedicated to Apocalyptic & Distopian vibes:

  • Pack 1: Harder-Style AI Vocals (inspired by Rebelion with multiple vocal styles & variations)
  • Pack 2: Harder-Style Cinematic Vocals (3 Unique Vocalists with tons of styles & variations)

👉 All the vocals have been tried & tested by our team, and they blend seamlessy into Harder-Style production.

thousands of melodic files
3 packs for Songstarters, Melodies & drums

Instantly Create New Music: drag & drop thousands of Melodic Files and kickstart your songs or enhance your tunes:

  • Melodies & MIDI
  • Songstarters
  • Atmospheres
  • Melodic Elements
  • Predrop Fills
  • Arpeggios
  • Drum Loops
  • and much more... 🔐

We guarantee any writers block will be crushed, and you'll get instant inspiration by going through these files🔥

the best presets we've ever made
2 packs for 250+ Unique Presets

✅ An insane collection of High-Quality & Professional Presets:

  • Pack 1: Powerful Break Presets for Serum
  • Pack 2: Beautiful & Inspiring Melodic Presets for Serum

👉 The Break Layers Presets will allow you to instantly make powerful & fat Harder-Style breaks (Leads, Chords, Basses, etc)

👉 While the Melodic Presets will spice up & kickstart your music.

1400+ Free files (€60 value)
3 FREE Bonus Packs

✅ If you get Harder-Style Vocal Suite, you'll automatically get these packs for Free:

  • 🎁 BONUS 1: Galactic Hardstyle Vocals (800+ Vocal Files)
  • 🎁 BONUS 2: Raging Rawstyle Vocals (650+ Vocal Files)
  • 🎁 BONUS 3: Vocal Mixer Presets (instantly mix vocals into your song the right way)

The best Harder-Style Vocal Pack Ever Created.

Vocals make & break a song, and having thousands of them in your Sound Libary will truly transform your workflow & production process. 💯

Guaranteed inspiration

Professional Vocals? 100% guaranteed. ✅

Whatever song, sub-genre or idea you throw at this pack: you will find vocals that suit your needs.


Countless Vocals that will 100% get you to the next-level.

Efficient Workflow

Categorized into easy to access folders, so you can instantly find the vocals you're looking for. Improve your workflow instantly.

Professional Quality

We spent hundreds of hours to process each vocal to professional & industry-standard quality. Drag & drop ready out of the box.

Melodic Files

Vocals really shine with the right melodies and the right scenario: combine the vocals with these files, and kickstart new songs instantly.


200+ Serum Presets to instantly create professional & huge Hardstyle Layers, and create unique breaks with Melodic Presets.

This is all the specific information about the Bundle.

Previews from Each Pack Included (11.000 total sounds)

Check each pack Individually 👇

rawstyle, hardstyle, etc
11.000+ Total Files / 12 total packs

✅ This suite includes all the vocals you'll ever need for Harder-Style Production:

  • MC Vocals
  • Female Hooks & Verses & Spoken Word
  • Scream (High, Low & Hype)
  • AI (Stories, Loops & Predrops)
  • American & UK Rappers
  • Cinematic (Stories & Phrases)
  • Female Ethereal
  • African (Shouts, Words, Melodic)
  • Predrop Vocals
  • Rave Lead Vocals
  • & so much more...

All the vocals will work in any Sub-Genre of the Harder-Styles. Use them out of the box in 150 BPM, or simply speed them up and they'll fit in Uptempo/Hardcore.🔥

Customer Reviews

Based on 141 reviews
DJ-Genetic Disorder (Amsterdam, NL)
Best packs

OPS delivers great quality sound packs, all these packs are time safers, just load up your DAW program and you can start immediately building/learning, and having fun, keep up the good work!!

Nicolas GUILLET (Saint-Etienne, FR)
Super !

Pack bien ordonné qui me permettra de progresser dans ma production 👍

lee Leake (Goole, GB)

Great variation in styles and having the choice of wet and dry is even better. Top notch

Jordan THARY (Paris, FR)
Impressive quality

A must have to build your track with precision and détails.

Carlos Rivers (Pozuelo de Alarcón, ES)

Great work

Ruben Garcia Rivera (Barcelona, ES)
Quality but a bit messy

I like the pack a lot for the price i bought it, but the organization of the samples is a bit messy, some of them are in folders, others not
I'd preffer to have all of them if folders, one case that repeats a lot is wet/dry folders, the wet ones usually are inside a folder whereas the dry arent
That's what im talking about
One improvement that the pack could have might be have vocal leads, like vocal chops, vocal screeches....

Liam S (Merthyr Tydfil, GB)
Harder-Style Vocal Suite

This pack is really awesome and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for Rawstyle, Hardstyle, Hardcore vocals, shouts, hooks and many many more. There are a few accapellas included which are top quality. I really recommend this pack to anyone.

David Romanic (Sydney, AU)

Not only can you use these sounds in your music, you can also use them as inspiration to create your own. Definitely Recommended

Christian Rodriguez (Barcelona, ES)


valerio mussen (Madrid, ES)
Best pack ever

Amazing pack. High quality.