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Rawstyle Production Suite

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  • 24 Standalone Packs Included
  • Instant Download & Access Anytime
  • €260 Discount (7.500+ Files)
  • 5 FREE Bonuses With Your Purchase 🎁

The best Rawstyle Production Pack on the internet.

Take your music to the next level with a Suite that has been handcrafted to fill all the gaps of Rawstyle Production. Contains 24 brand-new Sample Packs, Exclusive Bonuses, 1000+ Kicks, Presets & so much more. Inspired by the biggest artists in the scene: instantly sound like the pro's.


  • 7440 Files / 7,37 GB
  • 24 Standalone Sample Packs
  • 1000+ Unique Kicks (+ Kick Builders)
  • 400+ Unique Presets
  • Thousands of Melodies, Vocals, Drums, FX, Buildups
  • Genres: Rawstyle, Gearbox, Industrial, Oldschool & Modern, Hardstyle & more.

24 Brand-New Standalone Rawstyle Packs (w/ 5 Exclusive Bonuses)




Artist Support on This Bundle

“This pack truly has everything you need to kickstart your Rawstyle production. Both impressive diversity and quality! Great stuff”


"Once again one of the highest quality sample/preset pack for Hard music. Endless layering possibilities, the limit is only your creativity. We highly recommend it to all producers!"


Agressive Records

"Great pack once again. I'd recommend this for young producers who are starting out, or for the ones who are more advanced. High quality for sure."

11329936 - On Point Samples

Art Of Creation

"Rly high quality sample pack ! Pretty much everything needed to build a solid track, love the fact that every melody have the midi coming with it and every preset have the rendered file ! Well made for working fast. Time saver!"

Exproz - On Point Samples
1400+ melodic files
6 melody packs, providing instant inspiration

✅ This part of the suite is stacked with Melodic Files, ranging from Full Melodies to mystery melodic files, arpeggios, vocal FX, atmospheres & so much more.

  • Pack 1: Rawstyle Melody Pack 3
  • Pack 2: Rawstyle Melody Pack 4
  • Pack 3: Rawstyle Melody Suite
  • Pack 4: Melodic Mystery Aurora
  • Pack 5: Melodic Mystery Eclipse
  • Pack 6: Melodic Mystery Solar

👉 Having powerful & memorable melodic files at your disposal can make a world of a difference. Instantly get inspired, and crank out tune after tune.

700+ Professional rawstyle kicks
The rawstyle kick vault + Kick Builders

✅ This pack is truly one of a kind, featuring over 600 professional kicks:

  • Climax Kicks
  • Anticlimax Kicks
  • Psy Kicks
  • Reverse Bass Kicks
  • Gated Kicks

👉 Instantly sound like the pro's. Drag & Drop build endless kicks into existence within minutes. Truly a revolutionary product.

2050+ kick files
3 extremely powerful kick packs

✅ Features even MORE kicks, ranging from Climax to Anticlimax to Gated to Psy to Rawstyle & so much more:

  • Pack 1: Modern Rawstyle Kicks
  • Pack 2: Modern Rawstyle Kick Builder
  • Pack 3: Harder-Style Kickroll MIDI

👉 Get access to the best kicks you can currently find on the internet for Rawstyle Production. Instantly sound like the pro's.

insane serum & vital presets
443 total handcrafted presets

✅ These presets are one of the best parts of this Suite. Ranging from soft melodic files, to interesting sound-design, to powerful leads, to agressive screeches:

  • Pack 1: 50 Oldschool Serum Presets
  • Pack 2: 50 Vital Screech Presets
  • Pack 3: 113 Rawstyle Serum Layer Presets
  • Pack 4: 130 Melodic Serum Presets
  • Pack 5: 100 Serum Anticlimax Presets

👉 All the melodic files/MIDI, drums & FX in this pack truly come to live when you can combine them with professional presets, resulting in endless variations.

650+ Oldschool files
4 packs dedicated to oldschool rawstyle production

We included plenty of Oldschool Files, so all aspects of Rawstyle Production are covered:

  • Pack 1: Oldschool Kick Expansion
  • Pack 2: Oldschool Kick Builder
  • Pack 3: Oldschool Screech Loops
  • Pack 4: Oldschool Serum Presets

👉 Combine Screech Loops with Kicks, or MIDI with powerful & analog-sounding Serum Presets. Inspired by the 2010 Rawstyle Era.

brutal sound-design
4 Packs for insane anticlimax sound-design

✅ The Anticlimax is one of the most important parts of a song. This section contains everything you need to create extreme Rawstyle Drops:

  • Pack 1: Rawstyle Screech Loops 1
  • Pack 2: Rawstyle Screech Loops 2
  • Pack 3: Vital Screech Presets
  • Pack 4: Serum Anticlimax Presets

👉 Push the genre & your own sound forward with unique & complex sound-design. Also contains classic screeches & leads, leaving no stone unturned.

900+ unique files
5 packs to instantly finish songs

✅ When you've created your drop & break, you still need to connect everything together. These packs have been handcrafted to give you everything you need:

  • Pack 1: Rawstyle Drums
  • Pack 2: Rawstyle Buildups
  • Pack 3: Rawstyle FX Expansion
  • Pack 4: Hardstyle Predrop Fills 3
  • Pack 5: Rawstyle Vocal Expansion

👉 Use buildup stems to create unique variations, and combine vocals & predrop fills to create memorable parts before your drop. Guaranteed to finish your unreleased music.

kick templates, mixers & packs
5 FREE bonuses included with your order

These packs were exclusively created for this Suite, so you can get the most out of the pack:

  • Bonus 1: Criminal Rawstyle Kicks (Vol. 1)
  • Bonus 2: Criminal Rawstyle Kicks (Vol. 2)
  • Bonus 3: Rawstyle Mixer Presets
  • Bonus 4: Rawstyle Kick Mixer Presets
  • Bonus 5: FL Studio Kick Templates

👉 The Kick Templates, combined with kickbuilders will allow you to INSTANTLY create extremely professional kicks. Combine mixer presets with elements in your song to spice them up.

10.000+ unique files
24 brand-new Packs Included

✅ We know what it takes to create professional Rawstyle Music. Thousands of hours of production and years of expertise went into creating this Suite.

  • Get access to 24 Packs + Bonuses
  • Contains: Kicks, Melodies, Screeches, Ambience, Presets, Kick-Builders
  • Guaranteed to: upgrade your production
  • Guaranteed to: sound like the pro's
  • Guaranteed to: spark inspiration

sound like the pro's

start producing song after song with unlimited inspiration ✅

Drag & Drop countless songs into existince up to industry-standard quality. Crush your writers block.

The only Suite you'll need for Professional Rawstyle Production.
Our goal for this pack? Provide you with all the tools you'll need for producing Rawstyle that's up to modern & oldschool standards. Inspired by artists like Rebelion, Thyron, Andarex, Dual Damage and many more: the best pack you'll find online for Rawstyle Production.

This is all the specific information about the Suite.

Previews from Each Pack Included (7.000+ total sounds)

Check each pack Individually 👇

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Jan Pietsch (Hamburg, DE)
Amazing sample pack

this Pack has some Bad ass Kicks!
Just perfekt for Hardstyle/ Rawstyle an much more

5 Stars from me

Jente Gijs (Arendonk, BE)
High Quality Packs

Allemaal goede packs maar voor mij zijn de kick builders en serum presets het beste. Eindeloze mogelijkheden om een unieke sound te creëren

Rodrigo Hernandez (Iztapalapa, MX)

I love it too much, perfect for a more stable and professional production

Gaia Celletti (Rome, IT)


The Hunter (San Antonio, US)
Best pack all around

This is the best pack to get inspiration or if you need some fillers on your track , the kick builder is great for creating a crazy combo of kicks !?

Painprod (Horgen, CH)

Baaaang! Another winner.

Rocco Jonsson (Stockholm, SE)
Awesome mega pack, only one thing that could have been added

It really had a ton of awesome stuff !

The only thing I missed was a FL21*- RAW-tune made with the pack as icing on this lovely cake.

*Fruity Loops 21

Bram Albert (Posterholt, NL)

Rawstyle Production Suite

Joost Duinkerke (Amersfoort, NL)
Amazing content

Everything you need to let your inner producer excell!!

Pyry Palmu (Tampere, FI)
Awesome sample pack

Awesome sample pack! Contains everything you need on producing rawstyle