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The Ultimate Harder-Style Production Suite

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  • 36 Standalone Packs Included
  • €330 Discount (10.000 Files)
  • Instant Download & Access Anytime
  • 100% Royalty-Free

The only Bundle you'll need to make Professional Harder-Style Music.

This bundle contains an insane amount of everything you need to produce Industry-Standard Hard-Dance Music. Coming with 10.000+ Files, 350+ Presets, Hundreds of Kicks & much more. Getting each pack individually? The price would be over €400...

What makes this Bundle a must-have?

  • 10.000+ Total Files / 4,33 GB
  • 770+ Kicks
  • 350+ Presets (Serum, Vital, Spire)
  • 3000+ Kick Builder Parts
  • 11 Melody Packs (220 Unique Melodies)
  • FX, Drums, Ambience, Fills & more...
  • Genres: Hardcore, Gabber, Euphoric, Hardstyle, Rawstyle, Rawphoric, XTRA-Raw Gearbox, Industrial, Reverse Bass, Frenchcore & more.

36 Unique Packs, Combined into 1 MASSIVE Bundle

Artist Support on This Bundle

"Great packs once again. I'd recommend this for young producers who are starting out, or for the ones who are more advanced. High quality for sure."

11329936 - On Point Samples

Art Of Creation

"...On Point Samples over-delivered once again with this mega pack. What truly excites me is the boundless creativity that this pack enables. With such a vast selection of well-crafted sounds, you can come up with your own unique signature sound by combining and layering them together. With an impressive collection of 10,000 samples and sounds, this pack is an absolute game-changer for every serious hardstyle and hardcore producer."

317095006_680867276731111_8874257730687156841_n - On Point Samples
Bass Modulators

"By far one of the best quality sample packs and must have when you are in to producing Hardstyle/Raw/Uptempo
With On Point Samples you have everything what you need at one place"

download_4 - On Point Samples

"This is one one of the fullest pack I have ever seen in Hardstyle. You will find everything you need, no matter at what spectrum of the genre you stand"

IMG_0359-e1635431109372 - On Point Samples

"The tools included were invaluable, making it easy to create hard-hitting drops and lead lines. Additionally, the pack features cool sounds, ranging from aggressive synths to sick melodies, adding a unique touch to my productions. Overall, this hardstyle pack is a must-have for anyone looking to create powerful tracks."

Serzo - On Point Samples

Dirty Workz

"Great sounding packs for quick inspiration. I was surprised how good they sounded. I highly recommend them to producers at all levels, whether beginners or advanced professionals. Really epic!"


The Ultimate Bundle for Harder-Style Production

Unlimited Inspiration

More files than you'll ever need. Always be able to start a new song, without writers block.

Efficient Workflow

The bundle has been comprehensively built and categorized, so you can easily access the tools you need.

Professional Quality

 Every sample has been processed to industry-ready level, so you can use them instantly right out of the box.

Beginners & Advanced

All files are instantly usable for beginners, but also very suitable for advanced producers.

10.000+ unique files
36 New Packs Included

Contains Newly Released OPS Sample Packs:

  • 11 Melody Packs
  • 8 Kick Packs
  • Drum Packs
  • Ambience Packs
  • Various Sample Packs
  • and much more... 🔐

Our Goal for this Bundle, was to provide Insane Value, at an Extremely Low Pricepoint. 😈

Kicks_Purple - On Point Samples
Industrial, Zaag, Hardstyle
750+ Profesional Kicks

We included every Kick Type you can think of:

  • Modern Zaag Kicks
  • Industrial Kicks (Dual Damage style)
  • Reverse, Midintro, Techy
  • Anticlimax
  • Rawstyle, Xtra Raw, Gated
  • Oldschool Kicks

With this Bundle, you'll have everything you need to specialize in all the Harder-Styles. 🔥

3000+ Kick Parts
12 Full Kick Builders

Drag & Drop build any Harder-Style kick. Never run out of new Kick Parts:

  • Industrial Builder
  • Zaag Builder
  • Midintro Builder
  • Anticlimax Builder
  • Hardstyle/Rawstyle/Hardcore Builder
  • Euphoric Builder
  • and much more... 🔐

We guarantee you'll learn how to Structure your own Kicks & achieve Industry-Standard Quality. 🔥

ezgif-3-96528424ca - On Point Samples
Serum, vital, spire
350+ Unique Presets

✅ An insane collection of High-Quality & Professional Presets:

  • Kick Presets (Serum & Vital)
  • Screech Presets
  • Lead Presets
  • Ambience Presets
  • Oldschool Presets
  • Acid Presets

These work in genres like Rawstyle, Hardcore, Gabber, Hardstyle & many more. 🔥

This Is the Best Bundle You'll Ever Get.

If there was any investment you were going to make into producing the Harder-Styles? This bundle is a no-brainer. Supported by huge artists. 💯

Guaranteed inspiration

Professional Music? 100% Guaranteed ✅

Kickstart any song with the right files. Everything has been processed into Industry-Standard Quality, giving you the perfect tools to write new music.


Everything you'll need to Upgrade Your Productions

Drums & Fills

Hundreds of Drum Loops, fills & Buildups, ready to make your life a lot easier. Stemmed out into all elements, for easy workflow. 

Multiple Genres

👉 Euphoric, Hardstyle, Gabber/Oldskool, Zaag Rawstyle or Industrial Xtra Raw: you name it. Combine genres, and get creative. 

Synths & Melodic

Screech Loops, Beautiful Ambiences & Songstarters, Acid Sequences, and so much more. 100% Guaranteed Inspiration.

Unique Presets

350+ Complex Presets for Vital, Serum & Spire, containing Fat Screeches, Big Leads & Chords, and so much more. Instantly Usable. 

This is all the specific information about the Bundle.

Previews from Each Pack Included (10.000 total sounds)

Check each pack Individually 👇

All The Included Packs

Customer Reviews

Based on 258 reviews
Mike van den Heuvel (Maarssen, NL)

Really good samples. Also i can learn a lot from the samples and presets that are in the packs.

Jann Butzengeiger (Karlsruhe, DE)

Very good pack but i miss vocals in it.

Timéo PROST (Perpignan, FR)

The Ultimate Harder-Style Production Suite

Tobias Overdijk (Brunssum, NL)
Great large package

This package is definitely worth it! So many good kicks and great quality samples.

Johan Suca Loaiza (Puno, PE)
The Ultimate Harder-Style Production Suite

I recommend it 10/10.

wn (Covaleda, ES)
Great Pack

You have all the samples necessary to start producing hardstyle, its amazing

Jaimy Baron (Nieuw-Amsterdam, NL)
Love the pack

Great pack

Anonymous (Amsterdam, NL)
Great Pack.

Unique sounds that allow you to create your own signature sounds. Great pack.

Jaimy Baron (Nieuw-Amsterdam, NL)

The Ultimate Harder-Style Production Suite

Daniel Babaian (Sydney, AU)

Love Jim
Got me into production