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Harder-Style Melody Collection

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  • 13 Full Melody Packs (€160 Discount)
  • 260 Professional Melodies
  • Instant Download & Access Anytime
  • 100% Royalty-Free

The Biggest & Best Harder-Style Melody Pack on the internet.

Looking for new inspiration? Want to sound like your favorite artists? Study the complexity of Harder-Style Melodies? This pack has it all, featuring 200+ Professional Melodies. Truly a must-have for any producer.

What makes this Bundle a must-have?

  • 1750+ Total Files / 924 MB
  • 13 Melody Packs
  • MIDI: Chord, Pads, Melody, Harmony
  • 60 Rawphoric Melodies
  • 80 Rawstyle Melodies
  • 40 Euphoric Melodies
  • 40 Frenchcore Melodies
  • 20 Handsup Hardstyle Melodies
  • 20 Trance Melodies
  • 🎁 BONUS: Each pack contains a secret folder...

*Contains packs from The Ultimate Harder-Style Production Suite! If you already own that pack, you also own these Melody Packs.

Artists that Support our Sample Packs

"This pack contains everything you need to make hard-hitting and energetic tracks. What I really like is that they let you still be very creative, since they’ve also added all the separate parts and serum presets for the kicks for example so you can totally build your own signature sound if that’s what your aiming for. Great job guys!"

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Bass Modulators



"Fresh high quality sounds. If you are starting out or are more advanced in your productions, this pack will be a great addition to your sample library. Great work on this pack once again!"

11329936 - On Point Samples

Art Of Creation

"I'm blown away by the quality of the sounds. The kicks are absolutely insane, perfect for creating that signature hardstyle sound.nI can already see myself using these samples. Highly recommended!"

Phrantic - On Point Samples

Dirty Workz

Hardstyle Essentials 3 is a MUST for any producer at any skill level. On Point Samples always delivers!

Photo_Aug_26_2_05_03_PM_u7kyru - On Point Samples
Lil Texas

"This pack is seriously amazing! With a lot of attention to the detail, this pack really helps when I lack of inspiration"

Exproz - On Point Samples

Gearbox Revolutions

"This pack sets an extremely high standard. This will make producing much more fun and easy, a clear and easy pack that will be the go-to for many artists in the Hardstyle scene."

Serzo - On Point Samples

Dirty Workz

"I’m actually really surprised on how good this pack is, when Jim sent it to me I knew it was going to be good but I didn’t expect it’ll be THAT good, so big and so much variates of samples that I actually got lost in it for a good minute ahah, I rarely find myself using sample packs nowadays but you can bet I will be using this one, it’s got so super high quality many different options for anything you wanna do and scrolling through it in the first 5 minutes already gave me lots of inspiration!"

avatars-5NKY1lw06jcAOoEL-6biwzg-t500x500 - On Point Samples

Dirty Workz

"Hardstyle Essentials 3 is one of the most varied packs I’ve been able to use. You have high quality vocals with which to start your new track, guitars, cinematic loops, and the most interesting thing: The Kick Builders. Hundreds of separate kick pieces from the punch click to crunches and enhancers that allow you to quickly build a custom kick or add new elements to your current kicks quickly. One of the most powerful points are the gated kicks, one of the best I’ve heard in a pack. No doubt this pack is On Point!"

k3xP3I-0_400x400_e91d7787-bd5f-4317-9575-7109f07b1c6e - On Point Samples

Dirty Workz

Get your Harder-Style Production to the next-level.

Get Access to the best Melody Packs you can currently get your hands on. We set out to only include actualy usable melodies!

professional melodies only
200+ Memorable and powerful melodies

✅ The melody is one of the most important parts of a Harder-Style track, but also one of the hardest to pull off right. This pack has everything you need:

  • Every Style: Euphoric, Rawstyle, Rawphoric, Frenchcore, Trance, Handsup
  • Inspired by the biggest artists in the scene
  • No trash melodies included

👉 Every melody comes with a .WAV example render, and all the MIDI you need: Lead, Harmony, Chords, Pads & Bass.