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Harder-Style Melody Suite

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The Ultimate Harder-Style Melodic Tool, to take your Creativity to the next-level.

With this pack, writers-block is an issue from the past. Next to including 50 Professional Melodies, we included hundreds of Songstarters, Melodic Elements, MIDI & so much more. This will allow you to instantly kickstart a new tune, or simply enhance your songs with Unique Melodic Details.

What files make this pack a must-have?

  • 1209 Total Files / 2,57 GB
  • 50 Melodies (MIDI: Chords, Bass, Lead)
  • 50 Songstarters (Based on Melodies)
  • 50 Songstarters Atmospheres (Based on Songstarters)
  • 50 Melodic Elements
  • 95 Melodic Serum Presets (KEYs, Pads, Bass, Plucks, etc)
  • 94 Atmospheric Elements
  • 10 Emotional Piano Melodies (+ MIDI)
  • 20 Drop Rave Synths (+ MIDI)
  • 15 Arpeggios (+ MIDI)

professional quality
50+ Melodies, MIDI & Songstarters

✅ This pack includes 50 ready-to-go & industry-standard Melodies. Including:

  • Chords MIDI
  • Bass MIDI
  • Melody MIDI
  • Harmony MIDI
  • Quarter/Triplet Note Chord MIDI

✅ Based on these Melodies, we created 50 Stemmed Out Songstarters, including Basses, Atmospheres, Chops & so much more.

👉 This pack basically contains 50 professional & stemmed out Hardstyle Songs.

Powerful & beautiful
Arpeggios, Rave Synths & Pianos

We didn't just include Melodies & Songstarters. This pack also contains ready-to-go Arps, Rave Synths & Beautiful Piano Melodies with subtle velocity nuances.

  • 10x Piano MIDI + Renders
  • 15x Arpeggio MIDI + Renders
  • 25x Rave Synth MIDI + Renders
Beautiful Melodic details
Atmospheres & Melodic Elements

Grab instant inspiration or simply enhance your existing breaks with complex & nuanced melodic details. Including:

  • 90x: Atmospheres, Drones, Granular, Monophonic, Reverses, Scary, Strings, Tremolo
  • 50x: Melodic Elements/Songstarters (& 24x MIDI)
Instantly get to work
95 Melodic Serum Presets

We included 95 Professional Serum Presets that go extremely well combined with the MIDI files from the pack. Including:

  • 28 Pads
  • 20 KEYs
  • 19 Plucks
  • 6 Arpeggios
  • 6 Atmospheres
  • 10 Basses
  • 6 FX

🔥 This bank of it's own is a Powerhouse, and will instantly break your writers-block and add beautiful sound-design to your arsenal.

Everything you need to Get Inspired & Create New Music

With hundreds of Melodies, MIDI, Songstarters, Melodic Files, Atmospheres & so much more: this pack is guaranteed to crush your writers-block.

Get this pack in 'Harder-Style Vocal Suite' (11.000+ Files) 👇

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"Especially for hardstyle there are not that many great packs out there, so it's great to see that these guys raise the level with these packs loaded with lot's of instant inspiration. Keep up the good work."

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"Great packs once again. I'd recommend this for young producers who are starting out, or for the ones who are more advanced. High quality for sure."

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"I was actually suprised by the quality of the packs by this (for me) new company. The packs are really nice to play around with but also good to use straight away!"

Devin Wild


"These packs definitely inspired me a lot! Full supported and great quality to work with. Keep it up!"


End Of Line Recordings

"Back when I started out there wasn’t any packs for hardstyle, and I thought there still wasn’t any. I was surprised by On Point as these are some high quality sounds perfectly suited for producers at any level."


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"Great Sample Pack with high quality samples! Used some of them in my last release."

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"100% top notch samples and presets for aspiring and established hardstyle producers. Great as a foundation to create your own signature sounds! Definitely recommend it!"

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samy lievre (Paris, FR)
Hardstyle lead vocal

Good but miss some key like f#