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Harder-Style MC Vocals (Vol. 1)

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The first Proper MC Vocal Pack for the Harder-Styles.

MC Vocals are the hardest to come by in the Harder-Styles, but we solved that problem. With this pack, you'll get access to Multiple Vocalists who have recorded Build-Up, Break & Predrop MC Vocals. Instantly usable, and processed to Industry-Standard quality.

What files make this pack a must-have?

  • 900 Total Files / 2,42 GB
  • 4 Vocalists Included
  • 15 Hype MC 1 Vocals (8 bars)
  • 15 Hype MC 2 Vocals (8 bars)
  • 15 Story MC Vocals (16 bars)
  • 15 Predrop Vocals 1
  • 15 Predrop Vocals 2
  • 15 Predrop Vocals 3
  • 25 Heavy Processed Predrop Vocals
  • 20 Buildups (Stems included)
  • BONUS: 16 Jamaican Melodic Vocals

An important part of MC Vocals, is mixing multiple takes & variations into a stacked vocal. This pack contains Leads & Doubles, and each vocal has Dry, Mixed & Wet versions, so you can instantly get to work.

2 professional vocalists
30 Unique MC Vocals

✅ These vocals are truly next-level, and will work instantly in your tracks. We included:

  • 30 Unique 8-Bar Build-Up Vocals
  • 30 Unique Predrop Vocals
  • 15 Unique 16-Bar Story MC Vocals
  • Build-Up Drum Loops (stemmed out)
  • Bonus: Jamaican hype vocals
Hype, doubles & more
Variations Included

Every vocal comes in Dry, Mixed & Wet, next to multiple takes to create a full-width vocal.

We had the vocalists record Hype Vocals, Doubles, Leads, Adlibs & more. This way you'll find a version that works in your song.

Instantly Works in any Harder-Style Song.

Drag & drop the vocals in your build-up or break, and watch how easy it is to instantly add energy to your tunes, and finish your music ready for release.

Get this pack in 'Harder-Style Vocal Suite' (11.000+ Files) 👇

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"Especially for hardstyle there are not that many great packs out there, so it's great to see that these guys raise the level with these packs loaded with lot's of instant inspiration. Keep up the good work."

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Kenzo Brewers (Rotterdam, NL)
Awesome Sounds

These sounds are just insane! I use them daily in my music.