Raging Rawstyle Vocals Vol. 1
Raging Rawstyle Vocals Vol. 1 - Rawstyle - On Point Samples

Raging Rawstyle Vocals Vol. 1

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Industry-Standard & Exceptionally Powerful MC Vocals. This pack is the first on the market that provides instantly useable Rawstyle pre-drop hype vocals. 

Contains: 656 Files / 974 MB

  • 44 Total Hype Vocals (6 versions per vocal)
  • Each vocal recorded in 3 takes & 150/180 BPM Variation
  • Each vocal in dry & wet
  • 10 Full Build-ups (+ stems)
  • 10 Full Drums Loops (+ stems)
  • 10 Vocal Loops
  • 7 FL Mixer State Files for VOX modulation
  • 30 Vocal One-Shots
  • 40 MIDI's (for Builds & Vocal/Drum Loops)

This pack features an extreme amount of variating Rawstyle Hype MC vocals. Next to the short & medium-length VOX, there are 17 full-length vocals, able to fill your whole break or 8-16 bar build-up. 

Combine these vocals with our professional & instantly-useable buildups & drum loops, and your entire break is 95% finished.

Each build-up and drum loop contains individually rendered risers, snares & FX, and much more. That means this pack contains a huge amount of other useable elements, next to the Rawstyle vocals.


Endless Variations

Each vocal has been recorded in 150 & 180 BPM and in 3 takes, totalling 6 variations per vocal. The Mixer-state files instantly generate different types of Rawstyle vocals (distorted/dark/smooth, etc.)

Next-Level Rawstyle Vocals

There's no pack on the market that matches the quality of this pack. With these vocals in your arsenal, you'll instantly upgrade your Rawstyle productions to industry-standard levels.

Back-Up Has Arrived

We know it takes time to fill up your breaks alongside your vocals. That's why we included carefully crafted full-length Build-Ups & Drum Loops to instantly add underneath any vocal.

Powerful. In Any Scenario.

We made sure to carefully process every vocal. That's the reason you can use this pack in ANY scenario. Simply drag & drop the variation you like and the BPM you need into your song, add a mixer-state file, and you'll find your vocal that suits your track.

Suitable for: Rawstyle, Uptempo, Hardcore & Hardstyle

Experience The Power Of This Pack

This Pack Is Ground-Breaking. Here's Why.

Our community is growing extremely fast, and we want to deliver isnane quality samples. This pack carries almost 1GB of Rawstyle-Vocal-Related samples, ready to set the new golden-standard of vocal samples.

After months of recording, processing and production, we have now released the pack we are most proud of up to this date. We spent hundreds of hours, trying to make every single sample perfect.

6 Variations per vocal. 150 & 180 BPM recordings. Mixer state files for FL Studio. This pack contains it all. If you combine those 3 factors, endless variations are the end-result. These vocals will fit any Harder-Style song.

We know it's hard to find inspiration. This pack will remove that barrier. Did you just finish a drop concept? Quickly load a Build-Up & Vocal infront of your drop, and continue your production-process with fresh inspiration.

This is what the Harder-Style Scene says about our packs:

"Especially for hardstyle there are not that many great packs out there, so it's great to see that these guys raise the level with these packs loaded with lot's of instant inspiration. Keep up the good work."

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Dirty Workz

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Angelic Ability (Bloomingburg, US)
Definitely On Point

Although I was unable to properly put the pack to use, everything was exactly as described and undoubtedly on point. The vocals had the right energy, and the extra effort to add prebuilt things I could just add in to test things was honestly a great help for a beginner like me.

Thijn1234 (Amersfoort, NL)

One of the best vocal packs i have bought.

Ondrej Cermak (Chomutov, CZ)

Raging Rawstyle Vocals Vol. 1

Ricky Verhaaff (Amsterdam, NL)
More than nice

Awesome! More than nice, i bought some others too. Following the tutorials, my music sounds nice! The only thing i, 'm missing is the right kick tutorial how to enhance the kicks presented by ops, i am missing the power and the crunch in my kicks.. The tutorial you presented for raging rawstyle vocal was splendid! Over all im more than satisfied, maybe you can help me.. To improve my mixer things so i can have harder crunchy kicks, Jim thank you! Mvg Ricky

Eliott Bove
Eliott review for Raging Rawstyle Vocals Vol. 1?

The pack in question is really amazing, make it 150 and 180 bpm is perfect if you do rawstyle, uptempo or other. I advice your product. thank you, especially that I can be out a music thanks to this

Daan van Stekelenburg (Grave, NL)
Solid pack!

Very good Rawstyle vocals!

Ro Bin
Solid pack!

Good vocals. Add a lot of energy to the buildup!

Anonymous (Helsinki, FI)

I like that pack because of the vocals

Laurent Vicente (Elsenborn, BE)
About raging vocal pack

This pack is really cool ! Sometimes the effects on the vocals seems a bit too much compressed but this is my thoughts.

The vocals are great I’ve nothing to say about it ! Really good.

Maybe put some raging vocals with big screams or metal screams but I know it’s sometimes difficult to find a good vocalist

mario pio bocola (Turin, IT)
Nice pack

Thank guys for your sounds, was amazing